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The Institute of Strategic Procurement and Resource Management


Boost your business efficiency and effectiveness

The Institute of Strategic Procurement and Resource Management was established as a professional association for procurement practitioners and organisation resource managers as well as intended professionals in resource management and procurement. 

It was registered on 9th April 2019 as a company limited by guarantees by the Company and Allied Matter Act of 1990 and accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria.


To be the foremost strategic procurement and resource management institute in Africa, recognised and respected across the globe


To promote standards and best practices in operations and resource management of organisation.

Objectives of The Institute

  • To promote capacity development in procurement and resource management.
  • To develop and promote a high standard of best practices in procurement and resource management in Nigeria and across Africa.
  • To develop, advocate and promote programmes and policies that will minimize, eradicate and reduce the rate of wastages and failures in organisations in the Nigeria business environment.
  • To encourage efficiency, resource utilisation and eliminate corruption through public campaigns.
  • To conduct research and publish materials relating to strategic procurement and resource management.


S              =             Strategy

T              =             Transparency

R             =             Resourcefulness

E              =             Economy

N             =             Needfulness

G             =             Growth

T              =             Tactfulness

H             =             Honesty